Tolstoj                                                       Taina

On November 13, 2002 I have had my first litter of SROs from my female Sarisinís Snezhnaya Taina (a daughter of Multi Ch. Sarisinís Demon Bikrey and Ch. Deborah Taurapilis) and the male Tolstoj (a son of my Multi Ch. Verocei Harcos Alekszej and Isotta dei Cuori díAcciaio).
We had 3 puppies, 2 males and 1 female: 1 male and the female were grey and the other male was white.
The grey males weight was 450 gr and the other two were 250 gr only!
Now I introduce them:

Assur:  Assur the grey male, was a real beautiful puppy: big, fat with a real sweet behaviour. When Assur was 3 months old he went to the USA to Tom Murray in Chicago and now he lives together with 2 other  SROs. Tom sends me pictures about Assur often so I can see how he is growing up.

Azul:   Azul is the white puppy; he has been the first puppy who was born. His behaviour was more reserved. Azul has a little problem with his bite so he cannot go to dog shows.
Azul lives not far from me in a family with 2 children. He is a sweet dog but a guarding dog also.

Alina:  Alina is the female and she stayed in my home with the purpose to continue her grandfathers blood-line. She was and she is a little devil; she is always in movement! She is a very fine and feminine SRO and I hope to have success in Dog Shows wih her. Today she is almost 3 years old and she is Bundesjugendsieger and Europajugendsieger VdH, Best Puppy in the Karakan Ovcharka Club Meeting in Hungary, and she is International Champion!!!.


                                                Assur                                                                               Azul                                                  Alina



Belaya Vorozheja Voland

My second litter was from Taina and Champion Belaya Vorozheja Voland (Ch. Berendey x Ch. Gabriel Berendey Ay). The puppies were born on June 11, 2005. There were 2 males, we call them Baal and Barhum. They are both grey and they live in Italy.


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