...... NEWS 2011 ......

    Rusalka's official titels so far:

September 4
European Dogshow Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
Rusalka 2 Exc Open Class. Judge: M. Urosevic, (Xs)

Rusalka in Holland

On the right: Antonella, Eva and me with Rusalka and Alina and our friends in Volendam, Holland

July 15

born 10.04.1997    died 15.07.2011
Our beloved Wlaad today is gone away forever. You have been a super dog,
brave, strong and devote.
No championship, no CACs, no titles but for us you will be our champion.
Now you are with Alekszej, Taina and Zen again and in our hearths forever
and ever............
bye Wlaad."
Anto, Eva and Sergio

July 9
World Dogshow Paris, France
Belaja Vorozheja Rusalka Exc 1 Open Class, CAC/CACIB

I helped to show Mrs Usanova from Moscow, kennel Ruskiy Velikan with her kennel group
and this group was 2nd that day!!!

May 25
Rusalka received her title of

May 8
JahrHundertSieger Dortmund, Germany
Belaja Vorozheja Rusalka Open Class 1 Exc, CAC/CACIB, BOB,
JahrHundertSiegerin 2011
Judge: H. Assenmacher (Germany)

May 6
EuropaSieger Dortmund, Germany
Belaja Vorozheja Rusalka Open Class 1 Exc, CAC/CACIB, BOB,
EuropaSiegerin 2011


Eva, me, Russa, Alina

...... NEWS 2010 ......


Snow is very early in Italy this year!

Russa was entered at the WORLD EUROPEAN DOGSHOW, Slovenia,


The most tragic moment in my life....

Our beloved Zen died very suddenly and left us with grief, 
anger, tears and in shock. We will miss him too much and we don't know how we can live without him...
Our boy Zenit, he will be so deeply missed...

September 5
Clubshow Soest Netherlands, judge Mr R. Douma.
Russlaka, Intermediate Class, Exc 1, res CAC
Zen, Open Class, Exc 1, res CAC

Eva and Russa

Eva in Junior handling

June 25
While we were in Denmark, Zen met his son Sarisin's Ruskoy Altai, 10 weeks old.

Altai, his mother Boya and father Zen

Rusalka and her brother, Belaja Vorozheja Rotmistr, called Romis. He lives in the Netherlands.

Visit to the Island Fano

On the boat

Kayla, Emil, Russa, Zen, Boya, Altai, Romis

June 24

WORLD DOGSHOW Herning, Denmark
Judge: Mr Igor Selimovic, Kroatia

Zen got Exc 1 in Intermediate Class
Rusalka got Exc 1 and is now YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION!!!

May 24

Euro Youzhak show in Komarom, Hungary. Judge: Mr Laszló Istvan (H)
Rusalka received Exc 1, Youth CAC in Youth Class ....

..... and she was Best Junior in show!!

You can find a video about the show HERE

Zen received 1 Exc, CAC in Intermediate Class

April 18

Meeting of the Russian breeds in Italy, Rusalka was Best Junior!!!

And this prosciutto was my reward.....

..... I am a vegetarian....!!!

April 12
The puppies of Zen are born!!
He has 4 sons and 4 daughters


Anto & Zen

Sergio & Zen

Eva & Russa

March 14

Reggio Emilia show
Russkiy Velikan Zenit Zen, Open Class male, Exc 1, CAC and CACIB.
Belaja Vorozheja Rusalka, Youth Class female, Exc 1 - BOB!



February 12

Zenit mated Braveheart Baykeri Beliy Boyar ( Nl-Int Champion, Hung Ch, Eur Ch'08, W'07-08-09)
on February 12!!!
More information about this combination, email sergej.juzhak@virgilio.it
or sro.sarisins@planet.nl

Boya and Zen

February 7

Rusalka and me

Boya, Zen, Rusalka

February 12



Snow in Italy!!!! Zen and Rusalka


We hope to welcome you all in hungary.....

...... NEWS 2009 ......

December 3
In November I got the opportunity to buy a young female out of the "Belaja Vorozheja" kennel of
Tatyana and Sergey Podobedov.
After a long time of thinking and planning I decided to go to Russia and import this female.
Her name is Rusalka, she is out of Belaja Vorozheja Mihas x BV Buzina.
In Moscow I was welcomed by Katya Vorobyeva, the owner of Mihas, and Mihas himself....

Mihas and me, December 2009.

Rusalka now lives with us in Italy!

Zen and Rusalka, January 2010

For more pictures, see "PHOTO ALBUM"

November 1,
Insubria International Dog Show in Varese, Italy
Russkiy Velikan Zenit, Youth Class Males, 1 Exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-3!!!



October 8
World Dogshow in Bratislava, Slovakia
Judge: Alexey Belkin, Russia
37 entries, 28 present
Russkiy Velikan Zenit, Youth Class Males, 2 Exc, res CAC

Zen in Bratislava

Zens father Russkiy Velikan Valday, 2 Exc in Open Class

Me and Zen in Vienna

Zen and me in the train to the Prater park in Vienna

September 6
Annual Clubshow of the Dutch Club in Soest, Netherlands
Russkiy Velikan Zenit, Youth Class Males, 1 Exc, CAC

July 9, 2009
A very sad day, Taina died.
She was 10,5 years old.
We will miss her so much.....

June 28, 2009

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